To make this smoothie frozen, either use frozen strawberries or freeze the milk the night before in ice cube trays.

Gather Ingredients. 1.Strawberries, frozen 2.Yogurt (I used dairy free. Or use milk frozen in ice cube trays) 3.Kiwi 4.Zucchini (or banana) Lemon juice optional

Step 1 Add milk or yogurt first, even if the milk you add is frozen into ice cubes.

Step 2 Chop zucchini, and either freeze first or add to blender raw. No need to cook. It's a thickener. If using banana instead, freeze it.

Step 3 Add fresh peeled kiwi, which is packed with nutrition, boosting immunity, balancing blood sugar and high in fiber.

Step 4 Add the strawberries. Lemon juice is optional but it brightens the flavor of the entire smoothie.

Step 6 Pour and enjoy. Store a frozen strawberry smoothie refrigerated for 24 hours but understandably it will thaw into a less frosty texture. Or freeze in an ice cube tray and blend again when ready.