- 3 Healthy Easy Ingredients - No Cooking Required - Nutritious White Chocolate - Easy to dye Pink with Beets - Easy to pour into molds or cupcake pans or loaf pan

Step One

Blend up unsweetened shredded coconut - not flaked, not sweetened - into a paste with your blender. Takes about 3-5 minutes of blending to make coconut butter.

Step Two

Chop up the white chocolate cacao bits and add them to a pyrex measuring cup in a pot of boiling water to melt it. A Healthy Food Blog

Step Three

Add the creamy coconut butter to the melted cacao butter. A Healthy Food Blog

Step Four

Add the powdered sugar and stir until your mixture is opaque and smooth. Add any coloring such as beet juice to create pink. I have other coloring options on my blog post. A Healthy Food Blog

Last Step

Pour the mixture into molds or a parchment-lined loaf pan. Let it solidify in refrigerator or freezer. A Healthy Food Blog