A refreshing, tangy  healing drink made of fresh ginger

Drink fresh GingerJuice to beat colds, improve digestion, boost sleep and control weight loss, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Drink straight, or make Ginger Tea, Ginger-ale, or Ginger Beer.

Gather Ingredients. Ginger Root (from produce area in your grocery store) Water.

Step 1 Wash ginger root. Chop roughly. Do not  peel.

Step 2 To blender, add chopped ginger chunks and water

Step 3 Strain blended ginger pulp and reserve liquid - THAT is your ginger juice!

Step 4 Refrigerate ginger juice in a  jar for a month. Or freeze long term in ice cube trays.

Step 5 To use Ginger Juice, add a few tablespoons to Seltzer water, or plain water.

Step 6 Enjoy Ginger Juice hot or cold, as Ginger Tea, as Ginger Beer, as Ginger-ale. A refreshing, healing drink.