Creamy Strawberry Smoothie made with yogurt and hidden zucchini.

Gather Ingredients. Strawberries, frozen Dairy-Free Milk or Yogurt Kiwi Zucchini, organic

Step 1 Add milk or yogurt. Always add liquids  first to help blender.

Step 2 Chop zucchini, and either freeze first or add to blender raw. No need to cook. It's a thickener.

Step 3 Add fresh peeled kiwi, which is packed with nutrition, boosting immunity, balancing blood sugar and high in fiber.

Step 4 Add the strawberries. At least one fruit needs to be frozen.

Step 5 Add lemon  juice and blend. Lemon brightens the flavor of the entire smoothie.

Step 6 Pour and enjoy. Store a strawberry smoothie refrigerated for 24 hours, or freeze in an ice cube tray and blend again when ready.